Lucid was created as a new venture for one of San Antonio's top dentists. The founder of Dominion Dental Spa sold her practice with the goal of helping treat those suffering from sleep apnea. Her dental and business experience, combined with our branding expertise, have helped create one of the new prominent sleep apnea treatment centers in San Antonio.


The goal for this brand was to come up with logo that was simple and easily recognizable. The client wanted a modern brand that would stand out from the competition in the sleep apnea field.


We wanted to create a unique icon to pair with the company name so we began with a traditional "L" script, simplified it, and removed some of the curves in order to create a more modern look. We chose a blue to violet color scheme in order to give the logo a more "dreamy" feel. We also created a custom type face with some of the edges of the letters rounded to provide some additional visual interest.

KFW Engineers Luna Creative Photo Mockup


We created a unique and interactive website that easily catches the attention of the incoming visitors. The website serves not only as a point of contact for potential patients, but also includes ways for them to quickly and easily schedule their appointments.

KFW Engineers Luna Creative Web Design


We created a background video for the website that gives a glimpse to potential patients of what they can expect in a typical appointment. The photoshoot included working photos and headshots in order to help new comers familiarize themselves with the office and staff.

Morgan's Wonderland San Antonio Digital Illustration Character Design
Morgan's Wonderland San Antonio Digital Illustration Character Design


As with many of our clients, we were tasked with designing their business cards, digital stationary and marketing materials.