Pedal Guerrero


Pedal Guerrero was founded by a military veteran with the purpose of giving both those returning home from war, as well as just regular citizens, a way to get out and stay active. As a retailer of both regular bikes and also recumbent trikes for those who require them, Pedal Guerrero has become a household name within the San Antonio biking community.


As a retired military vet, the owner of Pedal Guerrero wanted a logo that felt tough and recognizable, similar to the style of biker's patches. The initial impact of the logo needed to be strong while still giving a professional and polished feel.


After the initial meeting with the company owner, we set out to create an emblem that met the expectations and requirements that we were given. With that in mind, we were able to integrate many of the recognizable elements of a bicycle into the final logo - giving it strong and relevant iconography which aids in its memorability. 


With this design we wanted to create something that was just as unique as the logo itself. We decided to create a split and offset design on desktop for all of the headers which again leaves an overall impression of memorability.


Once our client had found the location for his shop, we were tasked with coming up with the interior graphics and design. We chose the materials, colors, and graphics and put all of our selections into 3D renderings of the space so the owner could get a feel for it before moving forward.


Keeping the feel on-brand, we designed some thick and sturdy 20‑point business cards as well as a couple different shirt designs for the owner to sell in his store.


Needing photos for his online presence as well as for digital advertising, we were asked to photograph the interior of the shop, as well as working and detail photos to populate the website with.